$25 special offer for 630/2200m U3S TX kit from QRP Labs

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$25 special offer for 630/2200m U3S TX kit from QRP Labs

Hi all

To celebrate the newly allocated US 630m and 2200m bands, QRP Labs are offering the 630m and 2200m versions of the Ultimate3S kit for the discounted price of $25 (normal price is $33.80 for the LF options and $33 for the HF/VHF versions). This offer is open to everyone globally, not just US amateurs. It will run through the whole of April 2017.

When you purchase the Ultimate3S kit in the QRP Labs shop at http://shop.qrp-labs.com/U3S and select the "630m Special Offer" or "2200m Special Offer" LPF options, the discounted price of $25 is automatically be applied.

The main description page for the Ultimate3S WSPR/DigiModes transmitter kit is http://qrp-labs.com/ultimate3/u3s

The Ultimate3S is a standalone (beacon) transmitter requiring only a 5V power supply and an antenna system. No PC is required, either for configuration or operation. The kit is configured by two buttons and a configuration parameter menu system using a 2-row by 16-character backlit blue/white LCD.

The RF signal is generated by an Si5351A Synthesizer which can operate on all 16 amateur radio bands from 2200m to 2m, and 222MHz US amateur band. A GPS such as the QRP Labs QLG1 GPS kit can optionally be connected to provide GPS discipline of the oscillator and real-time clock. The power output is around 250mW on 30m but somewhat more on lower frequencies, and less on higher frequencies. An optional 5W PA kit is also available.

The kit is ideal as a standalone WSPR (Weak Signal Propagation Reporter) transmitter for propagation study, but also has on-chip encoding of many other modes: WSPR, WSPR-15 (LF only), CW, QRSS, DFCW, FSKCW, JT9, Hellshreiber (standard and slow MFSK), JT9, JT65, PI4, Opera and ISCAT. A sequence of transmissions can be configured, with up to 16 different transmissions having different a message, different frequencies (and bands if the optional 6-band relay-switched LPF kit is installed).

There are special features that were implemented specifically for LF operation, where high power amplifiers are sometimes used after the Ultimate3S as exciter. There is a PTT output with configurable lead/trailing time to enable a PA before/after the RF envelope is generated; and a x2 output option to suit some LF PAs which require a double-frequency signal input.

The 630/2200m Ultimate3S kit is already successfully used by many radio amateurs globally, in countries where these bands are already available, as well as the special LF US license holders.

73 Hans G0UPL