A geographer interested in WSPR

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A geographer interested in WSPR

Hello Everyone,

I'm a human geographer based in the UK and have joined WSPR net today. It's wonderful to be here. I'm very new to ham radio but became interested in it through hearing about WSPR... and I hope to progress in establishing a WSPR station using the resources of this site.

As a human geographer who thinks a lot about the relations between humans and the Earth / humans and the atmosphere, I am also interested in hearing your thoughts about WSPR and how it enables different kinds of atmospheric communications / transmissions. I'm fascinated with the WSPR community and why people become excited about WSPR. I realize these are quite philosophical questions. Although I know most of the discussion on this site is related to hardware improvements, it would be wonderful to hear how you got involved in WSPR and what are the exciting aspects of this field in radio and beyond... both philosophically and practically?

73s for now,

Sasha / M6IOR