WSJT-X goes into limbo when Mac screen blanks

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WSJT-X goes into limbo when Mac screen blanks
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I'm using a mid 2011 iMac, CAT control to the radio via RS232 and an external sound card (with audio isolation transformers) for getting data to and from the radio.

Mac OS Sierra, 10.12.4 and WSJT-X V1.7.0 r7405

Yesterday I set up Band Hopping according to the attached schedule.

I was in the shack so I watched it running for a few hours before I went to bed and everything was working well.

When I finally went to bed, around midnight (local time), I used my normal hot key combo to blank the display. This is NOT putting the computer to sleep, my iMac never sleeps. When I'm not using it, I always blank it. It's effectively a screensaver.

I woke up this morning, touched a key to bring the screen back on and noticed straight away that WSJT-X appeared to have gone into some kind of odd limbo mode. The waterfall still appeared to be scrolling but that was it.

My second file shows what I mean - You can see that the last receive slot was 22:54 on 30m and then it jumped to 06:32 which was when I unblanked the screen.

It hadn't switched bands at all overnight, the bottom line still showed 'Night'. I didn't notice what time it was showing.

As soon as the next slot clicked over, the bottom line changed to 'Day' and it moved to my day schedule.

It looks as though the iMac had gone to sleep. I know 100% that it hadn't. For a start, when I went to bed, I was streaming a video file to a laptop for an hour. There are certain other tasks that run overnight and this morning I could see they were complete. My iMac hadn't gone to sleep, all that had happened was that the screen had been blanked.

There's a program called 'Caffeine' which controls when a Mac goes into sleep. Because I know my Mac wasn't sleeping, please don't suggest that :)

I love the idea of being able to leave WSJT-X running on a schedule and jumping around the bands but I'm not prepared to leave my computer screen on 24/7

Had anyone else experienced this? Has anyone else tried doing this on a Mac? Does anyone have a Mac who can test to see if they get the same symptoms please?

Is there a fix/workaround?


73 Keith G6NHU

/edit - In case anyone doesn't know, the iMac is a self contained unit, all built into a large monitor. Sadly the monitor doesn't have a separate physical power switch otherwise it would be a simple matter just to switch the screen off. I can't do that!