New to WSPR apparently not being heard....

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New to WSPR apparently not being heard....

Hi folks,

I just got a Signalink and appropriate cable for my Kenwood 450S 23 days ago. I am using a 80-10 EFHW antenna.

Running WSPR on a Win 8.1 laptop. All the audio settings are set and checked multiple times for proper settings per Tigertronics online instructions.

I seem to RECEIVE just fine but although I am showing power OUT and the Signalink PTT light comes on I am not being heard apparently. User parameters in WSPR 2.0 are set correctly. Power is set to 10 watts in user parameters. I have tried upping the power to no avail.

I have the radio's power all the way up and Mic up just enough to show full power out on TX. “Car” is set to 9 O'clock and “delay” all the way off.

The Signalink controls are set to 12 O'clock for TX and RX and delay is off. When I monitor the outgoing signal from the Signalink's “Mon” jack it sounds fine to me, no distortion that I can notice.

I HAVE synchronized time with the internet before each session..

I can't seem to figure this out after 2 days of trying. Oddly, the first night I used it I was being heard.

Any ideas? Thanks for reading and any help provided.