Spain 60m allocation

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Spain 60m allocation

Hi... well what a curveball. After modifying my FT450D for 60m transmit, linear loading my 80m dipole for 60m, getting WSJT-X talking with all new settings to the 450 after the modification I now learn as I select 60m in wsjt-x the WSPR frequency is 5.2872Mhz.
Here in Spain our band plan is as follows with 15 watt maximum.
5351.5 to 5354 Narrow band digital modes
5354 to 5366 Recommended for voice operations USB
5366 to 5366.5 Weak signal narrow band modes.
Is Spain the anomaly in this regard or are there other countries in the same boat? As a big favour could the rest of the world come in line with Spain... please.
Talk about all dressed up and nowhere to go HI

I have also read Joel Hallas in QST reply to a question regarding the US channelized bandplan which starts at 5.332.... I assume from this you cannot use the designated WSPR 5.2872 freq. either. In UK the do have a dedicated section of 5.288 to 5.292. In fact I am receiving stations from there right now on 5.2886 & 5.2887.

Looks reception only then !
Any comments appreciated.

73 Neil ea7vpg/gm0vpg