struggling to get my radio to transmit...

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struggling to get my radio to transmit...

Hi, 32 year ham. My only digital til now is 40WPM CW...
I have an Icom IC-7300 and using the USB wire to go to the computer USB port.

I installed drivers. My software is Windows XP. Trying to use WSJT-X to see WSPR
I can see the audio receive on my computer, coming through the computer line to the radio.

I can NOT get the radio to go into transmit. I am trying using VOX since that seems obvious.
Can someone give me walk though steps and settings? Yes, i've watched 8 hours of youtube video from guys who like to talk a lot on camera but none of their setup procedures helped in this case. Still no transmit.

Audio levels have been set. The USB port is where audio should go in, for the USB-D (digital) setting.

What does it take to transmit a WSPR signal?