FT-817ND tx problem solved

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FT-817ND tx problem solved

I need help. I've used the search function and tried much of what I read in previous threads, but I still cannot be heard. Here is my gear:
Rigblaster Blue
Cha F-Loop 2.0 mag loop antenna

I was using the call KM4VGM/AG but will drop the AG now that my license is updated.
What I have done and tried:
USB mode, Vox enabled, tuned to dial frequency. VOX does key the radio and I can adjust the rigblaster TX output dial to remove AGC (this drops power to almost nothing). With one or two bars of AGC I can get 2-3 bars of power. No SWR bars. I have tried 2.5 and 5 watt power settings.

I have also tried Dig mode User-U and Dig Mode PSK-U, these don't seem to work based on not being able to enable VOX (no cat control yet).

I'm not running split mode. I pick a clear area from the waterfall to adjust TX freq. When TX, dial frequency stays the same.

I can RX but not TX. This has been an exercise in frustration. Thanks for any suggestions.

Edit: thanks for the help.I edited my call and got the rigblaster limited cat cable working. I used USB mode and VOX, adjusted my ALC and power and i got spotted around Easter US and 2 spots in Europe.