WSPR not decoding or transmitting

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WSPR not decoding or transmitting

WSPR 2.12 is not decoding received signals and is not transmitting. It is keying the transmitter but there is no power out indicated on my meter. I can change bands on the radio using the WSPR program. So CAT is working.
I have a Flex 6300. I have set up the program as best I could using the forum but I am obviously missing something.
I am in a noisy location and the RX Noise: -30 dB is in a red box at the bottom of the WSPR window.
I have used the MON button and headphones to try to hear my transmitted signal but all I hear is the noise floor hiss.
The antenna is an 80M loop thru an LDG AT-1000 Autotuner.
20M and 30M bands tried with same results: no decoding, no noticable transmitting
I've compared my computer clock against NIST and they both tick over the minute less than 1 sec apart.

In my station parameters:
Audio In: DAX Audio RX1
Audio Out: DAX Audio TX
Power DBM: 43
PTT method: DTR
PTT port: COM6
Enable CAT is checked
CAT port: COM4
Rig Number Kenwood TS-2000
Serial rate: 4800
Data bits: 8
Stop bits: 1
Handshake: None

In DAX Control Panel:
the TX Stream tx gain slider is set at 50.
the RX stream slice a slider is set at 50.
IQ streams: 1 14.095600 Mhz Sample rate: 48000 Streaming

Serial: COM4

On the radio: DAXIQ channel 1
RF Power slider at 20
Filter width: 2.7K
NB, NR, ANF are all off