SDRuno and WSJT-X not playing well with each other.

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SDRuno and WSJT-X not playing well with each other.

Setting up a laptop for travel. Using a RSP with SDRuno and WSJT-X. I got the VAC working and decodes fine. Thought I would try to get CAT control to work. Not having success with that. Using VSPE. From WSJT-X set up window I click Test CAT, and it goes green. Close the window and change frequencies with WSJT-X, SDRuno changes frequency but doesn't get a response back from SDRuno. A popup window says no reply or something, I click retry, then SDRuno goes up 55 Hz in frequency and WSJT-X changes frequency to match. If I click OK it brings up the setup page. When I click Test CAT if goes red. Click it again and it goes green. If I change frequency in SDRuno, WSJT-X will follow. I tried using Omnirig, and verified with screen shots form another user and I get no response at all. Using Kenwood TS-480, tried different speeds, reversing COM ports. WIN 7 on an old HP laptop. Tried WSPR-X and nothing worked at all. Anyone have any suggestions?