Using WSPR 2.0 with an FT1000 MP Mk V Field

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Using WSPR 2.0 with an FT1000 MP Mk V Field

I have spent a large chunk of today playing around with WSPR.
I am not normally a fan of digi modes but I can see the uses of this.

Installed WSPR 2.0 and after a lot of sodding around got the laptop to receive OK on 10.1387. My rxed spots are showing on the WSPR website.
WSPR 2.0 is set up with both Audio In and Audio out showing USB audio Codec....PTT method VOX. I do not use CAT.

The problem is with TXing......Radio is an FT1000MP MkV Field.... and interface is a Signalink USB. Signalink is set at TX about 50%....power out on the rig at about 3w
If I tune the radio to 10.138.7 in USB then switch it to RTTY (as suggested by Signalink and various others) the readout jumps to 10.140.83 although the actual received freq is obviously the same- just listening proves that. ..
When I TX I am guessing that I may need to use the XIT to shift the freq to somewhere in the 10140.1 to 10140.3 range. I have no way of telling whether this is the correct thing to do. I know the rig is TXing at the appropriate times - listening on an old TS530 it transmits a what appears to be a continuous tone for around 2 mins
The software will not key the radio in the USB (Voice) position but only in the RTTY/USB position (or in PKT - but then only in /LSB or /FM)

So, to put the basics - it receives just fine transmits something but I have no idea whether it is within the correct freq range whether any actual data is going out.

Any help would be much appreciated.