Notice to Admin : re ZS6CNP Access

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Notice to Admin : re ZS6CNP Access

Dear admin.

ZS6CNP (and myself ZS6DEZ) have sent an email regarding an access problem by ZS6CNP to website.

Emails sent to '' as per forum detail.

The emails from ZS6CNP bounce back as "could not be delivered".

I have since forwarded ZS6CNP emails from my email address to the same email address above. I have received no bounce backs of non-delivery. We have also received no response to our request.

We have an issue with the access password which I believe needs to be reset. We need to access ZS6CNP profile to check the currently registered email address as well as the defined grid locator detail.

We notice grid information for spots of our beacon ZS6CNP are not auto updated iro grid locator to read KG43eu.

Looking forward to your assistance to resolve.

(email address as per my current profile)