CG3EXP Polar Prince Canada C3 Expedition, the continuing story

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CG3EXP Polar Prince Canada C3 Expedition, the continuing story

Good day all,

The Polar Prince carrying the U3S WSPR MEPT continues on it's journey to circumnavigate Canada from East to West passing through the North West passage in Canada's arctic.

The ship is currently approaching the North Eastern tip of Baffin Island.

I have been monitoring and collecting the WSPR spots for CG3EXP since the ship departed Toronto on June 1st and have been pushing position spots to since that time.!mt=roadmap&z=5&call=a%2FCG3EXP&timerange=604800&tail=6...

The ship's icon shows a 3, if you click on the 3 there is a link to their near real time on board camera imagery on their home page. Repeated here:

There are sometimes problems connecting to the camera but is generally quite reliable.

The scenery is stunning. I have spent much time in the high Arctic and still can't get enough.

It has been very interesting watching the reported spots for CG3EXP. Simple observation shows that there are occasionally a few periods of an hour or so during North American day time where there are no reported spots but otherwise there have been nearly continuous spots reported. By following the spots you can get a sense of how propagation changes on each band, 40m,30m, and 20m, by the changing pattern of the receiving stations - who is receiving and on what band at what time, greyline effect and all that.

Also of note, it seems that when the ship is closer to land and within the fjords along the Baffin Island coast that the WSPR spots become fewer. Incidentally, a bit of trivia, Baffin Island is the fifth largest island in the world.

Their journey continues and it will be interesting to continue follow along the changing pattern of WSPR reports.

cheers, Graham ve3gtc / ve3ghm near Ottawa Canada (just an interested bystander)