Yeasu FT-450 CAT not working

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Yeasu FT-450 CAT not working


Maybe someone has already posted this item ... but anyway, here we go

Downloaded the wspr-x software today, installed it and found, what i think, is a bug in the setup routine of WSPR-X ...

I installed wspr-x on a lenovo thinkpad laptop, running win10, i use the "RigExpert Standard" USB interface.

After configuring the cat interface (for the yeasu FT-450) in the setup module, i got an error message (see attached jpg)

The stopbit seems to bee frozen on 8, while the preset value in the setup routine is 2.
One would think that no change is needed. So, if you leave it as it is, you find a value of 8 (and not 2) in the configuration file wsprx.ini.

Solution tot the problem:
1. Change the value by editing the ini file
2. Change, in the setup routine, the value to 1 and then again 2, this also forces a value of 2 ...

It took me a while, but after reading the error message a thousand times, i noticed the error ...

Thanks for a great piece of software, love it!