Tx Frequency Reset

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Tx Frequency Reset

Using WSPR running unattended overnight I often find that by morning the tx frequency offset has reset from my set value back to 1400 Hz. All other operations, decoding etc, are running normally except now tx is right at the lower band edge. This happens with WSJT 1.7.0 and WSJT-X 1.8.0-rc2. The set tx frequency remains stable with WSPR 2.0-r1714.

I suspect something to do with the automatic Windows internet time correction. With WSPR 2.0 the time error remains within about +/-1 second overnight and I never need to do a manually triggered update. With WSJT-X the time can drift by 2 or 3 seconds overnight and a manual reset is necessary by morning. It's as if WSJT-X is somehow inhibiting or ignoring the the scheduled internet time correction. OS is Win7 64 bit professional running on an ACER Aspire One laptop.