Not able to answer CQ with WSJT-X JT8 or JT65

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Not able to answer CQ with WSJT-X JT8 or JT65


I'm running Linux Mint 17.1 with WSJT-X. The sound card is an alsa device. The interface is a MFJ 1275. The radio is a TS-570. Audio comes from the radio speaker. Audio in goes from the interface to the mic connector on the TS-570. Mic gain is set to 50. XMIT output is set to 10 watts.

I am able to decode incoming signals on both modes. I have the autosequence option set. Now when I double click on the station calling CQ the radio switches to xmit and the message shows in the right pane in yellow. Then the radio switches back and the return message is decoded. But there is no connection to the station calling CQ. I have tried both modes, JT8 and JT65, at least twenty times without any results. Makes me wonder if the radio is transmitting. I do not see any action on the pwr or alc meter on the radio.

What should I do to verify that my radio is putting out RF? What else should I check?

All advice is appreciated.

Marty N3MOW