What low, low price, Data Tx recommend for Dedi???

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What low, low price, Data Tx recommend for Dedi???

What QRP for Data transceiver would you recommend to set up as a dedicated WSPR rig... I don't feel right using my one and only HF rig, the TS-480SAT, and my first HF rig to boot!!! Just bought maybe 2 months back... as my dedi WSPR 'beacon'; one thing I do like about it though, I can switch it to work one band one night/day, and another band the next night or day... and, I have very, very limited room for antennas, my flat roof, and not to leave unmentioned, the very nice built in ATU... However, most electronics have parts within designed to fail after a certain amount of use, this is pretty well known and agreed upon.... Regarding Kenwood specifically, I haven't heard anything but they too are only human and out to profit... I would feel better having other cheap rigs, maybe single banders if cheap enough that I can add one then another, even if they will be using my main and only antenna when not in use... I'd rather have my main rig get borked by something else than over WSPR'ing... However, not to skimp on quality... oh, and then I would also need a manual ant tuner, which I'm gonna need anyways soon enough for 60m and 80m, even with my current ant... Many thanks.

1) What QRP rig you would recommend for dedi WSPR, 24/7?
2) what manual tuners do you like for those cheap QRP rigs?