A Little Help getting Started...

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A Little Help getting Started...

I'm trying to get things setup to run WSPR on my KX3 station and I have a few questions.
I'm using a HyGain Hy-Tower for an antenna (10,15,20,40 and 80 (or 160).
I'm using WSJT-X 1.8.0, allowing the program to control the rig through a serial port. (FT-8 and other modes work OK).

I do have the "Band Hopping" setup to currently change between 40 and 80.

1. I'm initially using 5 watts, but I figure that I'll turn that down shortly (recommendations?)

2. Mode: When I use the "Data" mode, the waterfall display shows a very bright (yellow) band across the center of the display, and then there are two more slightly dimmer bands on the higher and lower end of the waterfall display. When I use the USB mode, it's a more flat quiet waterfall display. I've seen where others are using the Data mode with the KX3, but I'm not sure it's working correctly.

3. When I transmit, all I hear is a carrier, and no data (like the other modes). Is this correct?
I can NOT see where any other stations have recorded my transmissions (I've been on 40 and 80 this evening (9/28/17).
TX = 1650
TX PCT 25%

Mike, W0IH