WSPR frequencies for all bands (DIAL-freq. and TX-freq.)

Hello all,

I realized it's quite difficult to find precise information about defined WSPR frequencies for all available bands. So I wrote a list for all bands, here you go! The TX frequency center is always +1500 Hz above the dial frequency.

last update: 2018/01/18
----------Band----------Dial Frequency----------TX Frequency center(+range)--------------

  • 2190m--------------0.136000---------------0.137500 (+- 100Hz)
  • 630m----------------0.474200---------------0.475700 (+- 100Hz)
  • 160m----------------1.836600---------------1.838100 (+- 100Hz)
  • 80m------------------3.568600---------------3.570100 (+- 100Hz) (this is the default frequency in WSJT-X v1.8.0 to be within the Japanese allocation.)
  • 80m------------------3.592600---------------3.594100 (+- 100Hz) (No TX allowed for Japan;
  • 60m------------------5.287200---------------5.288700 (+- 100Hz) (please check local band plan if you're allowed to operate on this frequency!)
  • 60m------------------5.364700---------------5.366200 (+- 100Hz) (valid for 60m band in Germany or other EU countries, check local band plan prior TX!)
  • 40m------------------7.038600---------------7.040100 (+- 100Hz)
  • 30m-----------------10.138700--------------10.140200 (+- 100Hz)
  • 20m-----------------14.095600--------------14.097100 (+- 100Hz)
  • 17m-----------------18.104600--------------18.106100 (+- 100Hz)
  • 15m-----------------21.094600--------------21.096100 (+- 100Hz)
  • 12m-----------------24.924600--------------24.926100 (+- 100Hz)
  • 10m-----------------28.124600--------------28.126100 (+- 100Hz)
  • 6m-------------------50.293000--------------50.294500 (+- 100Hz)
  • 4m-------------------70.091000--------------70.092500 (+- 100Hz)
  • 2m-----------------144.489000-------------144.490500 (+- 100Hz)
  • 70cm--------------432.300000-------------432.301500 (+- 100Hz)
  • 23cm------------1296.500000------------1296.501500 (+- 100Hz)

On all bands you have to use USB mode. Please check local licence conditions and band plans prior transmitting !
And always keep in mind that power output >5W is considered as QRO on WSPR!

Best 73 de
Saki, DD5XX