Handling of WSJT-X

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Handling of WSJT-X

Dear friends of the soft tone,

I'm pretty new to WSPR. Im running a Raspberry Pi as a transmitter on 20m/10mW with a dipole. This works good now for some weeks, I get nice reports and once made it to VK. I borrowed an elecraft kx2 to listen to myself. I'm using WSJT-X v1.8.0 on WIN7 and get nice decoding results on the screen.

But no spots of myself are uploaded to the WSPRnet database.

Is this normal behaviour: No show in the database if callsign and reporter are the same?
I checked the 'Upload spots' button. The PC has internet connection for mail and browser. Do I miss some port or firewall configurations or some hidden checkboxes?

THX for your time
Cheers and 73
Detlef DD4WV