Using WSPR mode for certain 6M Beacons

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Using WSPR mode for certain 6M Beacons

I can see the obvious hands free data gathering potential of this mode especially on 6M band. To this end I am going to set up VK3RMV on its assigned frequency of 50.293 soon.
It will run a dedicated TS690SAT and a 9 element yagi plus wspr in 10% mode.
I will monitor from home.
I will not have internet access at the site unless I use radio.
But anyone seeing the beacon will have response modes.

How many EUn ops will be on 6M band this cycle and use WSPR>

With VK TV analog TV stations all to be OFF and many EU liekwise we need a good early warning system and I think WSPR may just fill a spot in early warning to us 6M ops.