Update on C3 Canada 150 CG3EXP is now VE0EXP

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Update on C3 Canada 150 CG3EXP is now VE0EXP

The research ice breaker Polar Prince which participated in the C3 Canada 150 voyage from Toronto Ontario Canada through the St Lawrence seaway, along Canada's east coast, and through the North West passage ending in it's destination of Victoria British Columbia reached it's destination right on schedule at the end of October 2017.

The vessel has remained in that area since but is preparing to continue it's journey south along the North American continent, through the Panama Canal and then north to it's home port of Halifax Nova Scotia.

Permission has been obtained to permit the QRP Labs U3S to continue transmitting and has subsequently had it's call updated to VE0EXP and continues to transmit WSPR on the same schedule as did CG3EXP.

You will be able to follow along on aprs.fi after I start providing data for VE0EXP.

cheers, Graham ve3gtc