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Calibration question

I am new to WSJT and WSPR, and am trying to follow all the rules as closely as I can.

No problem getting Meinberg to set my computer clock properly, but I am having trouble calibrating my FT-857D.

I set my radio on for over an hour in ambient temperatures before I ran any calibration tests.

Per the November 2010 pdf, I set up a .bat file for gocal for 3 local AM stations as well as CHU and WWV, which seems to run well.

In WSPR 2.12, I ran the gocal file several times to get my fmt.all data
However, only once when I ran it did I get fmt.all data that was not almost entirely flagged (*) as "bad."

From the one run which produced "good" data I obtained a calibration set:
A: -0.05 Hz B: 0.1980 ppm StdDev: 0.425 Hz
err: 0.20 0.0200

I moved over to WSJT 1.8 and seemed to easily accumulate a number of runs of "good" data, without any asterisks.
However, when I try to solve for calibration parameters, I get a calibration error message: "check fmt.all for possible bad data."
Looking at the data set, I see nothing glaring that would suggest major outliers, and no asterisks.

When I import the WSJT fmt.all to the WSPR 2.12 directory, and run fmtave, and fcal, it runs fine, but I get this new and quite different calibration set:
A: -0.85 Hz B: 0.4411 ppm StdDev: 1.578 Hz
err: 0.39 0.0474

Just to test this again, I ran my gocal.bat on WSPR 2.12 within 5 minutes of my previous successful run on WSJT.
Almost all the data I obtained on the WSPR 2.12 run was "bad" with asterisks.

I then wiped out the old data fmt.all and re-ran things on WSJT less than 2 minutes later. With the exception of a few asterisks on 20 mHz WWV (it is late afternoon here), I obtained "good" data again.

Previously, I had tried this at different times during the day to see if propagation issues might be affecting this, with no different results between the two programs, and the persistence of the error message in WSJT.

I should also note that my WSPR signal is being received on WSPRnet using the first calibration set.

This newbie is puzzled, and curious as to why I am seeing this; more importantly, what might I do to properly calibrate my radio?