WSPRnet database search feature request

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WSPRnet database search feature request

After trying to send directly via the WSPRNET Admin team email, and it bouncing several times, I decided to post here.

Is it possible to request a simple yet effective search feature?
A number of us in VK are interested in Sporadic E propagation, and determining, using 6 metres as a guide, when the E open will extend to 2 metres.

Leigh VK2KRR and myself would like to see if we can have the database search criteria adjusted so that we can search for the past 10 mins, or even 30mins instead of hour. It would also be handy to "wildcard" callsigns (i.e. *VK) which would only search all VK callsigns and sort by distance (and timestamp if it's possible).

So the best case scenario for our filtered search request would be:

Band: 6m
Count: 500
Call: *VK
Reporter: *VK
In Last: 10 minutes (or 30 minutes)
Sort by: Distance AND
Sort By: Timestamp

The result is we can search for short E skip distances from stations and (hopefully) predict potential 2m E paths.
Is any of that easily possible?

Hayden VK7HH