Elecraft K2 Using CAT Problem[Solved]

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Elecraft K2 Using CAT Problem[Solved]

Having a problem setting up WSPR using CAT on an Elecraft K2. When the software gets around to transmitting I see the K2 go into Xmit mode but there is no audio being sent to the K2, thus no RF output. Same thing happens when using the 'Tune' button. I have a monitoring function on the COM port where I can see the commands being sent to the K2. First an IF: command is sent, a response is received, the response to the IF command says that the K2 is already in the Xmit mode even before the TX command is sent to the K2. I can manually put the K2 into transmit mode and then use the Tune button and I do see audio enabling the RF output.
I believe there is a timing issue with the underlying code in WSPR for using the CAT mode of PTT with the
K2. The issue is not that there is no audio being sent from WSPR, as I've verified that there is audio being
sent but the K2 seems to lock up in a mode that puts it into Xmit but no Audio is being sent to the Audio chain in the K2. Regards, Karin K3UU