WSPR on HF great on 6M not so great

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WSPR on HF great on 6M not so great

I spent all day yesterday messing with my FT1000MP and got some great decodes on 40 and 30M even with the audio in the red.. tnx for heads up on that.

When I went to 50.293 today and tried to decode Joe VK7JG I got an incorrect decode.

The frequencies that appear in the wspr windows for TX and RX mean what?

How do you set up for the right frequency?

If you see a drift error what does that mean at say -3?

How do I compensate on 6M 50.293 for a transvereter drift?

HF ..

eg on my dial I have 14.09650
On my PC ditto
The decode just in says DH8SA 14.097079 0 drift.
Do I need to make any adjustments?

FT1000 has hi stab osc but I have not checked it against any standard.

How will this affect 6M stability?

Should I use WSJT V7 and removed WSPR1.12?