Power output

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Power output

Im fairly new to whisper and have a query regarding power output
a couple of nights ago I was playing with whisper and

got a bit of a silly question Is their a way that I can calculate my effective radiated power coming out the radio

The radio is set to
Power = 5 watts
Mic gain = 1%
Carrier = 1%
TX digital gain on software = -45.0 db the lowest it will go
Audio output in my sound card = 25%

The built in meter on the ts590 shows no deflection nor does my external meter
But still getinto RX3DHR and other continental stations
I am thinking the power at the antenna must only be a few micro wats
or less than 1 mw and achieving over 1899 km
I never thought that would be posible


The antenna is a butterfly antenna for topband with tuned feeders
at a height of 50-60+ feet over looking the sea