WSPR transmissions not shown on map - new call sign

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WSPR transmissions not shown on map - new call sign

Greetings from Sierra Leone!

I've been using WSPR and other WSJT-X modes fine from West Africa using my temporary call sign 9L/KW4XJ. WSPR was set up under my US call back when I created the account over a year ago.

I've got my permanent 9L call sign now -- 9LYXJ. I've entered that into WSJT-X. I've also changed my callsign in WSPRNet under my account settings for both the view and edit tabs.

I did give it several hours, but I can only see my received entries on the map. None of my transmissions. It looks like it is simply discarding my new callsign on transmissions but I'm not sure.

To confirm, I did try a round with my old temporary callsign and those transmissions showed up normally.

Any ideas what to try next? Is there some sort of callsign synchronization I need to do?

Thanks and 73 from West Africa,
Mark 9LYXJ - KW4XJ