RedPitaya beacon from F1EYG

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RedPitaya beacon from F1EYG

Hello to all
i just starting my Redpitaya beacon receiver on 8 bands (LF,MF,160,80,60,40,30,20)with F1EYG/B (B like beacon because i running sometime also IC7800 with F1EYG and KX3 with F1EYG/P)
really spectacular ! i just install the Pavel-Demin application (standalone version with Alpine Os)really a great job.
I running first day with 40m vertical with 15 elevated radian at 10m hight.
From today(04/04) i switch on active antenna for comparaison.

Next step:
select a dedicated antenna
put on the box
adding transmission (1W)
and after all, starting 24/24 7/7 service :-))

73 to all