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OK, I am more emabarassed than usual BUT...

I have a Dell Inspiron 5459, 2.8GHz CPU, WIN10 Build 16299.192 Ver 1709. Ham station: FT-991A, Elecraft KAT-500 auto-tuner, Telepost LP-100A digital, vector Watt Meter, 2-trap dipole [after Orr & Cowan]. My radio connects to the system via USB cable.

The 1st time I launch WSPR - ver 2.12_r3617 - I get a BLANK [DOS] command window. The 2nd time, I get the program on a HUGE white background, cant maximize just the program proper.

EVERYTHING "works" vis-a-vis colors, XMIT tone LOUD & LONG. Correct date/time but Im sure NOTHING gets to the sound card and I KNOW my rig never enters XMIT. ALL personal info is correct as displayed.

After a while, the 1st time I launched WSPR, the command prompt filled with error codes. I dont know WHAT I did, but POOF!! I get the feeling they pertained to ports, connections, protocols.

When I close WSPR, I get a RUN TIME error box. As I TRIED to take a screen-shot AND copy the info, BOOM! gone.

It took QUITE a while to discover I cd OPEN the test file ONLY while the thing is in XMIT, screaming in the shack. The test file is displayed accurately & completely.

I can change the xmit Hz/freq per instructions, by clicking up & down the H2O-fall. Needless to say, I can change freq but have NEVER received anything.

Rx noise ALWAYS stays @ -30dB. Neither spkr volume nor Volume Mixer, which has a WSPR slider, affects noise, also RF gain.

I have copied the settings from HRD cause they function. I SWEAR Im NOT using CAT but they had me set its baud to 9600.

Attached r screenshots I think mite help... FLW

My PLAYBACK default Spkrs/headphones: RealTek Hi-Def Audio. Recording default device: MIC, RealTek Hi-Def Audio [VIDBOX NW07 when using HonesTech VHS-to-Video Delux 8.0] I dont see CODEC anywhere in WSPR choices.

My dumbness is UR triumph!!!!

PLEASE, just ONCE before I die: is Tx Fraction xpressed in SECONDS or % of the total Rx/Tx cycle??? Xmit is lasting a minute+.

73 de WF3W
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