Suddenly no more receive audio showing up in WSJT-X?

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Suddenly no more receive audio showing up in WSJT-X?

I have been using WSPR mode lately and everything was working fine, then suddenly yesterday while the program was running, no more audio being received by WSJT-X 1.8.0. Yes. Monitor is ON. No other changes to configurations. Sounds are properly mapped to the USB sound card I use.

FLDIGI still listens fine so there is audio going into the PC. I logged into another user account on this same PC and WSJT-X works fine there. Is a reinstall required on this acount? Before I try that I thought I would post the concern here and see if anyone had some suggestions.

Mike AB7RU

Update: I deleted the WSJT-X.ini file and restarted the program and now it works fine after I reset the settings. So maybe the INI file was the culprit. I will continue to monitor and see if it happens again.