Don't seem to be getting out! (RX spots, but not TX spots)

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Don't seem to be getting out! (RX spots, but not TX spots)

Good Morning everybody!

I recently got my new antenna set up for HF and decided to give WSPR a go.

After faffing around with the Yaesu FT-991 I managed to get it receiving fine (at least on 40m, haven't tried anything else yet!)

When I transmit however, I don't seem to get any spots - so I've been playing with the settings.

At 2018-05-21 19:26 I managed to get out with 5W (managed to hit the canaries... WOW! That's actually pretty amazing :D That is less power than my torch!)

That is the only time I've managed to be spotted though!

Some notes on the setup:

-FT-991 running at 5W into dipole for 40m (SWR 1.1-1.3)
-FT-991 is manually tuned to RX=7.038'600 and TX=7.040'100 (split operation) (Mode: "Data-USB")
-ALC is set to just below S9 when transmitting
-Enabling the radio monitor (MONI) during transmit gives me a clear and steady tone
-Computer is 6 meters away, running via USB (with ferrites)
-Computer uses Dimension-4
-XSJT-X is being used to "control" rig (unable to control VFO - but PTT works)

Now, bearing in mind that I did get out once, the setup is clearly capable of doing it - which makes me think that there is some setting somewhere that I've changed since I managed to get out - but I haven't a clue what it might be!

Any ideas/suggestions on what I might be doing wrong?

Many thanks! :D

Meant to say, going to be speaking to the XSJT-X guys about making sure it's set up properly for my rig - but I would have thought I'd have been able to operate in a semi-automatic mode (manually setting the VFO*, but CAT control of the PTT)

*There may actually be an issue here, it's possible I'm introducing that 1.5kHz offset twice<\em> - will confirm with the SDR when I get back to the house.