Balloon Telemetry

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Balloon Telemetry

I would like to say, I think it is really generous of WSPRNET to accommodate the recent experiments with telemetry over WSPR format.
WSPRNET has recently made changes, to allow telemetry information of non standard calls to be filtered out in the WSPRNET database search page.
At the present time, there are a number of experiments with balloons floating around the world in the jet stream, reporting their accurate position, altitude, and other data folded into a separate wspr telemetry transmission mimicking the WSPR format.
Whether this new information from HF dipoles below balloons, 10000 meters above the ground, could be useful to incorporate into a hf propagation model, is still unknown.
For those who are curious, a view of one of the balloon's track and telemetry can be viewed here:

73 Dave VE3KCL