ic-7100 USB connection to iMac problem

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ic-7100 USB connection to iMac problem

I have an iMac running WSJT-X v1.9.1 under MacOS High Sierra, connected to an iCOM ic-7100 using the USB data cable supplied with the rig.

In WSPR mode the rig keys up, the RF gets modulated but after a random number of TX/RX loops from 1 to many, the modulation suddenly gets sent to the computer's internal speakers instead of the USB port and the signal strength meter drops to zero presumably meaning the input has also switched to another source. The longest successful session was about 2 hours. When it stops, playing with the sound settings of the Mac and WSJT-X including clicking on the monitor button doesn't help get it going again but sometimes (not always) restarting WSJT-X does.

If anyone else has had this issue and knows of a solution I'd be pleased to hear about it.

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