Clarification - 2M0XTS post above

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Clarification - 2M0XTS post above

I want to be crystal clear on this point so I am starting another post in reference to the one by 2M0XTS:

Using WJST-X, the dial setting on the radio for 30M WSPR should be 10.138.7mHz and [specifically] the mode should be USB, not data and/or USB/data, correct?

My confusion is in the documentation for WSJT-X User Guide, version 1.9.1 attached thru the help section to the WJST v 1.9.1 program. Under "Transceiver Setup", it states: "Be sure your transceiver is set to USB (or USB Data) mode." Under "WSPR Mode", there is no mention of turning off data mode or ensuring that any"data" mode is disabled. On a rig such as mine that utilizes CAT control [Icom 7200], the program leaves the unit in "data/packet" mode. That is maybe an issue that needs to be addressed in WJST programming.