Yaesu FT-736 CAT control and WSJT-X

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Yaesu FT-736 CAT control and WSJT-X

Anyone using a Yaesu FT736 with CAT control? I've read up on the limitation of the 736 CAT commands and see there are emulators out there. FT-736 is on the drop down for setting up radios. I would like to hear from any one using CAT control and see what quirks there are, can I just get the cable and WSJT-X will set the frequency and key the radio? Or should I go with the emulator route? I'm cheap. I've used it before with out CAT control, but now with all the modes available I would like that extra convenience of WSJT setting the frequency when I change modes. I dont think changing bands is an option so a band hopping VHF WSPR box doesn't look like its going to happen.