Very Basic Question- WSJT-X and WSPR sound file

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Very Basic Question- WSJT-X and WSPR sound file


I hope someone can give me some ieas where to look. If I load the 091022_0436.wav file through WSPR 2.12 I can decode it without an issue. However, if I run the same file through WSJT-X in WSPR mode I do not see any decode. I have tried this on an old Windows 7 laptop and on a relatively new i7 3.6GHz w/12GB memory Windows 10 Pro system. Both systems decode the file fine in WSPR, but neither will decode it in WSJT-X. I do a file open, then select the .wav file. The Won 10 system only has the built in sound card (not a modem). The Win 7 system has a Tigertronics external sound card.

I thought about doing this on the Win10 system in case the laptop was not fast enough, but it seems I am not operating WSJT-X properly. Any ideas will be helpful.

Thank you in advance!