New feature: Database query page changes

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New feature: Database query page changes

I just committed a change to allow wildcard searches on the Database query page. We can now add an asterisk (*) to the end of either (or both) the Call, or the Reporter field to filter the results. Examples:

Call: W1GJM Reporter: VK* (all VKs hearing me)
Call: VK* Reporter: J* (all VKs heard by Js)
Call: VK* Reporter: [blank] (All VKs heard by anyone)
Call: [blank] Reporter: VK* (Anyones heard by VKs)

NOTE: The * can only be at the end.

Some changes when the Unique flag is on.

* Power is averaged and rounded for the Call / Reporter combination.
* Added a Spot Count field for when the "Unique" flag is checked on, because I think this is useful. Screen scrapers be advised.

Finally, if the database starts to creak, I'll back this out without notice and rethink things. I expect it will be fine though.

Thanks for the feedback.

Gary W1GJM