WSPR movie -- creation from historical data?

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WSPR movie -- creation from historical data?

Hello all WSPR'rs,

Are you interested in seeing your station's data evolve over time, shown on a map with the sun's shadow present? Compressing a week's data into 5 minutes?

Anayzing and visualizing our WSPR data is challenging, given that it's dynamic -- strongly coupled to the sun's position -- as well as multidimensional (frequency band, lat/long). In this forum I've found several examples of people capturing data over many hours and compiling the screen shots into a movie. This afternoon I explored using Excel to create similar plots / graphics / movie frames -- a disaster of an effort! :)

Is there any existing, existing effort to create, or interest in collaborting on, a web-based tool which would take as INPUT
callsign (RX/TX or both)
period of time (in the past, so as to examine historical data)
time compression ratio (ie. 1 sec = 20 minutes, etc)
other common WSPR-specific parameters (band, others)

and as OUTPUT
web-based visualization of data
file to download (MP4 or something to that effect)

Or maybe a business such as SOTABeams is working to create such software? Or this is a project for a grad student?

Your constructive feedback is welcome.


Curt / K7ZOO