Today is the 7th of December, 22 days untill the WORLD WIDE QRSS CELEBRATION

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Today is the 7th of December, 22 days untill the WORLD WIDE QRSS CELEBRATION

Dear WSPR Group Members,

Today is the 7th of December. We have just 22 days left until the WORLDWIDE QRSS CELEBRATION from 0000Z December 31st, 2018 until 2400Z January 1st, 2019. There are a lot of grabbers just waiting for your signals spread all over the world. Propagation is expected to be tough this year with the high bands very iffy as to any long range activity but you never know. 10 Meters sometimes opens up worldwide in December and January so we can hold out hope for those bands. The WA5DJJ ALL BAND HF QRSS GRABBER is working well from 160M through 12M. I am having trouble with the 10M and 630M receivers but hope to get some progress made on making them work.

So those of you who are procrastinating, The time is starting to catch up with you. A big winter storm is now in progress across the United States so outside antenna work is going to be difficult. But you can drag your U3S QRSS transmitter off the shelf and dust it off and see if it still works. Cold winter days are sometimes the best times to work on your MEPT transmitter as there is nothing else to do.
So get at it.

I have a modification to my ALL BAND QRSS HF GRABBER on 30M where I am receiving both QRSS and WSPR signals using the same receiver. The QRSS signals go to my grabber spectrum analyzer and the WSPR spots are going to WSPRNET.ORG. I have been able to get my Raspberry Pi to run both LOPORA and WSJT-X in the WSPR mode at the same time. I am hoping to expand this configuration to 80M, 40M and 20M before the QRSS WORLDWIDE CELEBRATION. Right now you can try it out on 30M and see how you like it.

Hope to see you all on my grabber this year. Take care and have fun.

73 Dave Hassall WA5DJJ Las Cruces, New Mexico