Red Pitaya Hearing Bands It Shouldn't?

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Red Pitaya Hearing Bands It Shouldn't?

I just set up Pavel's WSPR transceiver on a Red Pitaya for receive only. The antenna is a Clifton Labs e-field probe and I'm in a pretty noisy urban/suburban environment. I'm hoping to provide a permanent WSPR monitoring station, though in a few months the location may move about 50 miles to a (hopefully) much quieter site.

I'm intrigued by LF and MF so I set the 8 active bands to be from 2200 to 20 meters. 17 meters and up should be disabled. Yet I'm recording some apparently valid spots from stations on 10M -- KE0JMK who's only couple of miles from me and is pretty strong, and K1VR in Florida who is 1200 KM away and down in the -25 area.

Is there any explanation for that?