Well my mind just got blown away!

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Well my mind just got blown away!

I've been an electronics enthusiast my whole life, and an Electrical Engineer for the past 20 years. I got my ham license a few months ago, but only used it to play around on the local UHF repeaters.

Just for S&G I put WSPR on an old Raspberry Pi that was lying around, and last night I strung up about 40 feet of copper wire inside the attic, center fed directly from a 50ohm coax.

This morning I saw I had been received by stations in Texas and Louisiana (I'm in Pennsylvania!). This is with only 10mW!!

I guess this is nothing new for you guys who have been doing QRP for years, but for me to actually see a $35 gadget putting out less power than a typical LED to be heard halfway across the country is super impressive.