WSJT-X - why is "transmit audio source" grayed out?

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WSJT-X - why is "transmit audio source" grayed out?

I have my FT-450D setup with WSJT. It it is receiving okay and uploading spots, but not getting out.

The rig is being controlled via the "CAT" port (including PTT). I home brewed a cable to send and bring analog audio signals between the computer soundcard and the oddly named "Data" port on the radio.

I finally realized that it was getting the audio from the radio's mic, not the soundcard. I found the "transmit audio source" setting in WSJT. It is currently set to "Front/Mic" instead of "Rear/Data". duh, thats my problem, but the setting is grayed out and I can't change it.

Any ideas? Thanks!