WSPR System

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WSPR System

The WSPR system comprises licensed amateur operators worldwide transmitting WSPR signals on all bands, licensed and unlicensed receive sites hearing and posting WSPR reports, the system architecture and algorithms to make it all work, WSJT-X software to implement the transmit and receive algorithms, and this great website to glue it all together.

I use the WSPR system mostly for antenna comparison - both receive and transmit - and for propagation prediction. Along with a number of other hams in North America, I participate in a daily sked with Danie, ZS3D, located in South Africa on 40 meters. WSPR very accurately predicts how the much higher power SSB contacts will go.

I mostly use homebrew low-power transmitters for generating WSPR transmissions. They are built around an Arduino for control, a GPS receiver for timing, an Si5351 for direct frequency synthesis, and a BS170 "power amp." I also use homebrew receivers that also use most of the same components as the transmitter with the addition of a couple SA-602 mixers, 40 meter band-pass filter, and an ICOM 500 Hz CW filter. My homebrew and commercial receivers are connected to the new 2.0 version of WSJT-X software for decode running on inexpensive and low power consumption Raspberry Pi computers. Both Danie and I operate 40 meter WSPR transmitters and receivers.

As indicated by the little block to the left of where I am typing, the website received 1.5 million spots in the past 24 hours. I am not sure how that compares with expectations when this website and it underlying database was launched, but that seems to me like a very large number representing a huge amount of very useful data.

The problem is that the data often is not accessible because this website is not responsive. I am neither a website or database expert or even close but I have noticed that the response delay is not just limited to database queries. For example, it took several tries over several minutes to access this Forum page.

I understand the realities of financial and people resource limitations. What would be helpful to me is just to understand that there is a recognition by the WSPRnet team of the problem, there is a plan to address it, and a rough idea as the to the timeline.

Thanks for listening.