Site Performance - new map spot limit introduced

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Site Performance - new map spot limit introduced

After reading the comments and studying the logs, I discovered a problem that I think may explain some, or all, of the poor performance being reported.

Users sometimes request maps that require an enormous data set. The query can sometimes take 20 secs to as much as 2 minutes to execute. During that time the server becomes unavailable, and returns a Site Unavailable type message. Moreover, the session memory allocated to that user is exhausted and the requester usually never sees the map anyway.

Today I did this myself to confirm, and only one out of seven tries did I get the map (I must add, it was too sluggish and cluttered to be of any use). During the time the server was building the map, the server was unavailable.

Something needs to be done and I have added a limit to the spot queries of 1000 spots, that's 1000 unique paths. A path is a unique combination of Call, Reporter, Call Grid, Reporter Grid. If your map query hits the limit, you will see a message in red text under the map notifying you that not all paths were displayed.

I want to try to this for a few days and see if it helps. Thanks for any feedback and patience.

Gary W1GJM