wsprdaemon version 2.3 - A Raspberry Pi WSPR decoding system

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wsprdaemon version 2.3 - A Raspberry Pi WSPR decoding system
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Using a Pi and two or more KiwiSDRs, each configured in 8 channel mode, this script creates a 14 band WSPR decoding system which after configuration requires no further operator intervention. Several 'top spotter' stations like KPH have been using this system for many months, and I am now sharing with the wsprnet community.

This is a major upgrade in functionality, reliability and installability from previous versions of wsprdaemon and its predecessor
Configured to connect to two Kiwis configured in 8 channel mode, a Pi 3b easily simultaneously decodes all 14 WSPR LF/MF/HF WSPR bands during every two minute cycle and reliably uploads spots to

To install it:

1) login to the Pi as user 'pi' (or other non-root user) and create the directory '~/wsprdaemon'.
2) copy the attached file to that directory, rename it to '', and make it executable with 'chmod +x '
3) cd to that directory and execute it: './'. It should walk you through the installation of all of the utility programs it needs and create a prototype 'wsprdaemon.conf' file
4) edit the wsprdaemon.conf file following the directions in it
5) to start the daemon: './ -a'
6) to see the daemon status: './ -s'
7) to stop the daemon: './ -z'
8) for help about the daemon: './ -h'

During installation it creates a tmpfs files system '/tmp/wspr-captures/...' where all of the recordings and logs are kept, so 24/7 recording of 14 bands => 3 Mbps of wav files doesn't wear out your microSD in a few months
It also modifies the systemclt files so the daemon will autostart during a powerup or reboot.

I have tested installation and operation on a clean 'Stretch' OS. The script can run in other Debian servers, but installation may require some custom tweaks.