Any ideas on methodology to compare 2 antennas

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Any ideas on methodology to compare 2 antennas

I am primarily interested in DXing with FT8. Because of a small garden, I only have the option of putting up one antenna at any one time. For the last 5 months I have been using an OCFD in inverted V shape with the centre at about 35ft on 80m up to 15m with reasonable success. I plan to put up a multiband vertical (10m-40m) with elevated radials and the base at about 24ft (ridge height).

Before I set off on my own, I wondered if anyone else has devised a methodology of using WSPR data to be able to compare two antennas? I realise it will be a very rough and ready comparison as propagation itself can vary so much over time. But with WSPR giving distance, azimuth and SNR data I thought there might be a way to summarise and analyse the raw data to give something meaningful, to be able to compare the two antennas. If anyone has any suggestions I would be interested to hear from you.

I have been trying to work Hawaii on 20m FT8 for many months to complete WAS and WAZ, and was getting nowhere with the OCFD. A couple of weeks ago I lashed up a quarter wave vertical with elevated radials (base at about 20ft) and worked Hawaii the first morning (07:10 UTC here in the UK) I tried. Hence the idea to compare the two antennas to see what the strong and weak points are of the two antennas.

73, Dave G3UEG / K1MDX