Websites that aggregate raw WSPR messages?

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Websites that aggregate raw WSPR messages?

I've been preparing for a high altitude balloon launch and will be using WSPR (probably 40m) to radio down standard call, grid, power as well as the extended WSPR message which encodes balloon telemetry (e.g. call sign field begins with Q or 0). One goal I have however is to include other sensors in my payload and I'd like to send their data down via WSPR too. This would mean a different interpretation of the extended WSPR messages and to do that I would need to see the raw WSPR messages that people hear. So my question is does this site or any others show aggregations of just the raw, 3 field messages which are heard? So for example would I ever see data on a site that posts

QK1SKN FN42 33

instead of how this message translates into telemetry, temperatures, battery voltage, number of GPS sats? I need this because I'd then take that raw message and run it through my own software which knows about my special encoding, and could then extract the data I want.

I hope that question makes sense.

Thanks for any guidance!

Brian AB1ZO