SB WSPRlite "Communication with device failed"

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SB WSPRlite "Communication with device failed"

"Unable to connect
Communication with device failed - no response received."

Why does this keep happening at random? I've got it connected with a lead I know works with it. The red led is flashing on the SB WSPRlite box. In the drop-down I've got "COM3 (WSPRlight Classic)" it doesn't work - after I stopped it a few hours ago when it was working perfectly.

The error messages aren't very informative.

I've closed all programs down, restated the computer and it still doesn't work.

Yesterday when it was working I checked for updates. None required. This WSPR classic box has always been a bit flaky for no apparent reason.

Hope someone with more know-how than me can help.

Thank you.

Ian, G4JQT