WSPR on old gear - stopped working

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WSPR on old gear - stopped working

I have successfully been running WSPR on an old Yaesu FT-7 through an interface to a Windows 10 PC. It has been going great, albeit a bit difficult to get it dead on frequency if no WSPR signals showing in the waterfall. Two days ago, it stopped decoding. I am using WSJTx and only downloaded it last month. I dont know what has gone wrong. I have checked the radio, its working fine and on USB. Time on the PC is fine, using Dimension4. It is setup correctly, nothing has changed that I am aware of when it was running fine. Now it randomly will decode a couple of spots, then nothing. I can transmit and be heard a couple of times, then nothing. I can see signals coming in on the waterfall, but it doesnt decode them. I am at a loss. After two days of chasing my tail, its time to ask for some advice. Today I uninstalled and re-installed WSJTx. Made no difference. Any advice appreciated. I know its going to be something stupid that I have overlooked! Cheers