Interpretation of TX power values in database

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Interpretation of TX power values in database

Brand new to WSPR. I am wondering what the interpretation of the TX power that I set and are included in by TX messages. Unlike the receive SNR, it is purported to be an absolute value rather than a ratio of two measurements. I see no evidence that my WSPR setting is changing the radio TX power setting through CAT. It seems as if the only parameter that the WSPR software can change is the audio level that is sent to the radio via DAX, which will influence the TX power for this modulation method. But there other variables that affect my radiated power, like the DAX TX gain, radio TX power setting, SWR at my antenna feed, etc. So what is the interpretation and usefulness of the TX power numbers that we see in the database? If I change the TX power setting of my radio, am I actually affecting the TX signal?